Part artists studio, part practicing office, the Chambre des Alliés is proposed as an imaginative space to explore the narrative of ones reality through the conversational practices of two collaborating artists working with the tools of psychoanalysis and the gift of a medium's clairvoyance.

The project proposes an experimental space between a practicing cabinet/office and an artist’s studio. A territory between construction and exercise (a bringing into action), the space is made and develops through the different needs of what each of these artist’s practices gather, call, reveal, and require. Working to develop practical tools, forms as tools, and tools as forms from the moments of the actual performance of their conversational work done in reality with its participants. Through the creation of this space of potentials, its objects, forms, images, furnitures, bodies, minds and relations, the studio becomes a physical apparatus that functions as a knowledge producing forum between the one and the other. Heshka and Schwarz each having developed a unique mode of grounding private conversational sessions that explore the realities, narratives, conflicts, philosophies, etc., between the self and the other in the magical arena of the imaginative mind.


Installation and Performance at Bains Connective, Brussels 


He, the artist we have been writing about, is occupying an analytic position, let’s call it a vertical position, sitting across from the participant, whom herself an artist, works from the analysand position, which we can also call a horizontal position.  Their session together has developed over time into a slow state of thoughtful dialogue held by the many silences that shape the dialogue into its now deep dreamy state.

Things shift.

The dialogue begins to unfold as though she may be day dreaming the dreams of the artist in the analyst position.

Hello folks it seems like your several people in the same room.

Many many years before your birth-

It seems that someone just knocked (there was a sound from outside)

During the afternoon, someone handed a baby to your pregnant mother, and in that precise moment that day, your mom was aloud to just give her care to that one little baby, she learned how to care for a single baby. And you didn’t feel jealous about it, but it was like a twin situation- you were inside and this baby was outside. You could feel like – as you could knock at the belly, as a space – and just say “hey I’m here too!”

As you could feel it, hear it, even conceptualize it now

Your part of this mirror situation

Like behind the walls of flesh

A more private situation, an interior situation

But trying to communicate with that baby, not even trying to communicate with your mother, was a really specific moment where things have been- defined- in a way. In one sense, this baby couldn’t hear you.

So now you’re five. You’re pretty confident in a very boyish way. As it says at five or six you had a jacket or something that was new that you were proud of and made you confident. You have a smooth way of going through the road…

You’re speaking in the sense of the ‘you’. Are you speaking of a dream?

We really see:

There are lands. Like a city is a land. A country is a land.

We see: The north of Europe, and even England, Great Britain as the geography for now. Some thing is in a good way turning around. Before it was really like as straight road, and we couldn’t see the end. But now there is a loop . There is this feeling of return, of going back in the same places, not just discovering new things before your eyes. Its not a ring, its looping. In a way it is a solitary way of living this path or living this loop. (Alone on you wheels) Really slowly in the way you cross the path of the same people.

In a really sensitive and slow way

We say: you observe, link things. Not necessarily relationships but linking things through these looping movements. When you see one person you can relink what you saw (3 or 6 months) before, then you can leave again. And when you come back you (can think) find another link, I remember that from that person- and then you go again

That path, that way, that period your in, that gets (it says:) slower and slower, deeper and deeper-

Into each land or into each territory

as if you would need many points of view (it says:) for the same interview-

or for the same

way if seeing

a context or something, its just that you can have the impression that something-

has a form on itself but each form would need at least two forms to validate it.

Hmmmm. Psychoanalysis has some ways for explaining these types of occurrences.  Phenomenon where there can be a blurring of thoughts and feelings in the different strata of consciousness for both the analyst and the analysand, termed perhaps overly simplified as transference and countertransference. It seems here that perhaps on some level your experiencing conscious thoughts or utterances that are originating in my subconscious or some higher level, my unconscious or however termed.

Well. I’m not sure that’s what’s happening. I’m a medium. I have this gift. In my family, the women in my family, for psychic clairvoyance. I’m sorry. I slipped away there. And I never said it because I had no idea that would happen. I’m sorry if that was confusing. But I guess I slipped into it.

Ah …. Really … That’s crazy ... I mean, it did feel that way. Excuse me, I don’t actually mean crazy, I believe you, it’s interesting. It felt as though something was being channeled, that was quite close to me, I guess somewhere between me and you and, and somewhere else.

Sorry, but the voices are kind of insisting. Offering to answer your question. So-

My question? What do you mean?

They are offering to answer your question. Would you like me to take some more time to let them speak.

I receive voices and images from somewhere else. I can let them speak or I can describe to you what they tell me, or try to translate into words what images come.

I am interested yes. I’m open to hearing what they have to say. So-

They want to know my question.

Well no, they already know your question. They ask to speak. Around that question. The question that you have been asking yourself, they say.

Ummm. Let’s let them speak. Yes.

What is stopping you from realizing this artwork in its ideal form?

There is really this strong idea of the triangle.

That would be (almost) geographical. Like.

Brussels. Amsterdam. And it goes west- London. or England. There is really like, this strong triangle, I could feel red energy, the red would be like heat, in Brussels[1]. Amsterdam would be more green, London more yellow. So its three parts of the work.

We call them “the three witches”

Its part of you that would be black, a black point in the middle of the triangle.

It has to be fluent with the three energies- there is something strong happening in the three different ways of- not explaining but- in the formulation of the idea or body.

You are in the middle of this triangle that works actually as a circle. Its three points –

(some banging is adible as paper is brought back for the purpose of drawing diagrams)

its really simple (drawing)-

we see; the energy going from you as a master in a way that you distinguish or organize the flux between the three points. Not necessarily the communication of the three people that are around you but more how you make the flux exist. Sometimes we can see you really big as a master-

like tall guy

and then you can just be a point, like a flat point just feeling the energy.

There is something that can be manifested in a graphic form. Your position towards, we say;         Faces



We ask you to note, from day to day how you felt toward every energy, every identity, every period- its not the work itself but there is something about the really fluent way of living relationships.

-You can interrupt me, and redirect me. If you want.  Direct me- if you need-

What I feel now is more about how in the context of your work, you let the others have some power towards you, during your own work.

It says: do not worry about the form it takes, it is already here.

You can say something:

I know and am happy that it’s already here, but I guess maybe when I say its ideal form, maybe I also mean place or space. Like grounded-as in a point in a geography- as in, without me or without the people- but as another point-

A what-

Like another point, of where to go and when to do it.


the image that came is the triangle again, with you in the middle again, but you can go out of this triangle, the energy is still the same. You have these three points and you can move around these three points (drawing- points of a triangle) moves around, you can go there- and there- but the triangle is still there-

It says: yeah, if you want to understand why you stop somewhere,) when you stop (thud) you feel like you have to write down something-in a way, even like, script it down, really something down, like a plane surface. we could even use the word: render down. But you don’t really have to understand it(in a way). That’s what we’re saying. Between the sense, the sense of words, and the feeling that can have more meaning than the sense. In terms of Psychosculpture, psychoanalysis how-

You should look at: it says: something about dance here that you are going to discover and also as a point of inspiration, to inspire you, you should look at the partition- of dance choreographers, there is something that can inspire your language, your new language, or your new formal graphic language.

Its like there is three- the three is here again- the moment with these people, the render down (tap) and then there is this vertical moment –(that is more) linked to the idea of the blanket and the words (the tools). These three steps.

It says before you were in more of a formal state of the project and now you are gathering feelings.

So now comes this idea of bringing a new tool. And its going to be a test for- yes, its just like adding a tool[2]

We say: a.pass is the place, is the space (drawing) to test and to try that tool.

And we say: after that you are going to go with a suitcase. And after that period your going to go  abroad, to try out in different, even countries how this umm-  kit. Yes. How this kit works.

The energy can change, (speaking quite softly) like this can be, (it’s really like) magenta, yellow and blue. Like London would be blue, this would be pink (Brussels), and this would be yellow (Amsterdam), at first it was green this one (Amsterdam). The energy can change in that triangle.

So did we answer- is that an answer for you- you can ask me-

No I think there’s lots of threads of answers in there in that-


Yeah, I guess- how will my personal life cope with this or that.


[1]Interpretation; What would I have thought to read this just a few years ago. And now it feels normal and is true.

[2] *maybe it’s the audience

Brendan Michal Heshka