The third rendering of the Psychosculpture office/studio. Here as the work is still capable of hosting the conversational artwork there is much more of a focus put on the scenography and objects of the space investigating the interiors that shape the work and the work that shapes the interiors. In this rendering every object is produced by the artist.


The Psychosculpture Cabinet/Office in Brussels, Installation and Perfomance

Psychosculpture is a long term therapeutic art practice that appropriates the form of the ninety-minute talk session from its clinical Psychoanalytic setting and brings it into an art context to produce works of art. The general aim of the work is to engage with participants into looking at events, dreams, goals and failures from their lives as possible artworks, working with the artist to see the symbolic poetry contained in everyday life. In effect turning the ‘viewers’ into the producers of art.

The photograph is created with the process of laying the image of the artist over a historical figure from his research, this time its the figure of German Expressionist painter Ernst Ludwig Kirchner producing uncanny results. The Image takes on the appearnce and story of a found photograph bearing the likeness of Heshka practicing one hundred years earlier and inserted into the context of art history. The photograph is framed in a hand painted treated frame. 

“These offices are studios to test and produce, they require the material practice of making the objects, scenographies and stages into realities.”

Brendan Michal Heshka