The second rendering of the Psycho-sculpture. Here the scenography begins to complexify incorporating original art works both made and curated for the space. The office/studio hosts participants from the analytic postion of the chair and I use the position of its symbolic couch to defend my thesis. The room is built from nothing in the former project space squat PostNorma in Amstrerdam north and is later demolished as the building is raised for condos.


The Psychosculpture at PostNorma in Amsterdam North

"One goes to see a doctor to be cured of an illness. One goes to an artist to… produce art."

Psychosculpture is a long term therapeutic art practice that appropriates the form of the ninety-minute talk session from its clinical Psychoanalytic setting and brings it into an art context to produce works of art. The general aim of the work is to engage with participants into looking at events, dreams, goals and failures from their lives as possible artworks, working with the artist to see the symbolic poetry contained in everyday life. In effect turning the ‘viewers’ into the producers of art.

Brendan Michal Heshka