The first physical rendering of the project of appropriating psychoanalysis as I know it and practicing it as art in the field of art. Office/Studio installation in the context of visual art residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada. Perfoming meetings with paricipants under the proposal of converstional art therapy.

BANFF 2013

The Psychosculpture, Installation and Performance at the Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada

Art as the performance of the manifestation of desire rather than the desire of manifestations

Reformulating the Duchampian act of bringing non art into art, while taking the social sculpture of Beuys one step further along in its lineage, and inspired by Augusto Boal’s scores for a theatre of therapy, I began a work by appropriating psychoanalysis as I knew it and practicing it in the field of art. Offering talk therapy sessions, experimenting on the performativity of intimate spaces and making open ended objects and images that both stem from and feed into the work, in whatever way that they can, as decor, as prop art, as stage sets, as tools, and as the symptoms that hold the keys to discovering. I call this art work, The Psychosculpture.

The project proposes taking the established psychoanalytic form of the ninety-minute talk therapy session and using it to produce a work of art, in itself. Molding and shaping ‘the self’ in the context of our real lived lives, the therapeutic dialogue produced between the two participants is the work, supported by a conceptual framework that synthesizes Theatre and Sculpture in the postmodern sense.
The principle is inspired by the philosophy of artist Joseph Beuys who coined the phrase “social sculpture” which transformed the idea of sculpture as an art form into a social activity. While Beuys was primarily concerned with structuring and shaping society and environment, this project proposes expanding the notions of the social sculpture to include the personal, structuring and shaping the self.
Requiring only two participants, the given time of each, and a space within a space, a stage is created that opens up and liberates imagination and memory, stimulates knowledge and discovery and promotes cognition and recognition. A stage is created between the self and the other to experience the theater of life, a malleable space to shape and sculpt our existence.

Brendan Michal Heshka